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P-Style Plant Markers

Signature Series Plant Markers

Our original plant marker series

#10 Gauge Diameter Post

Our Signature Series P-Style plant markers are manufactured from 100% stainless steel material purchased right here in the USA, so our quality is second to none.  And because their rugged design, will last for many years in all weather conditions.  Conventional plant marker standards are made from a light duty, #13 gauge galvanized steel wire that rusts and bends or twists under normal gardening conditions.  Their plant tags often slide down the standards or get knocked off.  Our Signature Series plant marker posts are constructed from heavy duty, #10 gauge stainless steel wires that resist rusting and do not bend or twist during insertion and gardening operations such as weeding and hoeing.  Our plant markers were designed with a “captive plate” that will not fall off or slide down the post, although it can be removed.  Our Signature Series P & M style plant tags boast a full 1-1/8” x 3-1/2” plate that gives gardeners plenty of flexibility and room when labeling their plants.  Our plant markers will last longer than any competitor’s garden markers or plant labels and remain as beautiful as the plants they were intended to identify for years to come.

P-Style plant markers are packaged in 25 piece bundles and come in heights of 6”, 8", 10”, 12",  15”, 17" and 20”.

P-Style Plant Markers  

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P Style Assortment
20 piece bundle (5 each of P Style 6",10",15"...

Price: $ 27.70 / Each
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6" P Style
6" Stainless Steel Plant Markers 1 Bun...

Price: Varies by Qty
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